Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We did it! And after a decade of obstruction and denial, we will finally have in Washington a smart, future-oriented administration which will be an ally in the urgent effort to get our civilization on a path to a sustainable future. With support from the grass roots all the way up to the White House, we as a society will be able to move ahead very quickly, and none too soon, considering the looming threats. This is a time to celebrate, and also to redouble our efforts on the ground and in support of the coming Obama administration.
Obama's announced plan: In the short term, tap every available national resource to reduce our dependence on foreign oil as quickly as possible, while rescinding tax breaks for Big Oil and using the money to provide energy rebates to consumers. For the long term, a crash program to develop alternative energy technologies rapidly, providing millions of non-outsource-able jobs, so that in the next decade the US is energy independent and a leader in the coming green boom.

(see more Obama video statements on energy and environment here.

"Hopes soared in Europe on Wednesday for renewed momentum toward global cooperation on climate change following the election of Barack Obama as the next president of the United States..." (story)